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This activity will go against every logical bone in your body and we all know that if you're unfortunately blind you learn to steer a dog, not a car. Anyway, the novel sport of blind driving is really becoming a popular  activity. Blind driving will ask the question - do you trust your mate? Well, do you? Do you really??

Blind Driving in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire

Unfortunately for you the course is full of twists and turns and the only way you can succeed is by listening to your mate's instructions. Just make sure to pick your friend with the most articulate voice and definitely the one who knows his left from his right. This is truly an awesome experience for activity weekends and one that will be etched on your brain for a very long time.

Blind driving is a real challenge and you need nerves of steel. The driver enters the vehicle and is then blindfolded, so forget the cockpit check - mirror, signal, manoeuvre and put your faith in your mate who will guide you around the course.

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How much does Blind Driving cost.

The cost of this activity is just £25.00 per person for a twenty minute session.

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