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Bushcraft days with Ashcroft Park learn how to survive in the wilds with our special Bushcraft Survival days.

Survival and Bushcraft days in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire

We now offer a Bushcraft and Survival course. This is a fantastic opportunity for all ages to try out the outdoors skills that will make future days in nature much more fun! It will be an enjoyable and gentle introduction to the world of Bushcraft and Survival techniques looking at some of the basic skills necessary to feel at home in the great outdoors.

Bushcraft is about how to survive and thrive in the natural environment, using nature’s resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. Bushcraft reaches far beyond the realms of survival, teaching how to read and utilise the natural world in a way that can only add to the outdoors experience.

In a friendly and accessible way, we will play with some of the basic Bushcraft skills, including firemaking, shelter building and the use of cutting tools, as well as bringing awareness to the natural world around us.

Activities include

 Making and using primitive weapons including bows and arrows, throwing sticks, and spears

 Becoming invisible to sneak up on and stalk animals.

Reading the tracks and signs of animals to find out where they live and how to get close to them.

 Learning bird language so we know of the far off movement of predators and prey beyond our eyesight or hearing.

 Bushcraft such as making fires and sleeping in shelters

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Booking or Enquiry

Our Bushcraft and Survival days in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire cost £45.00 per person and last for half a day.

1st Session 9.00am till 12.30pm

2nd Session 12.30pm till 4.00pm.

£45.00 includes all tuition, Overalls and food.

Booking or Enquiry

Have any questions give us a call we would love to hear from you 01889 502508 Our phone lines are open from 8.00am to 8.00pm every day.