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The Sandbags Paintball Game Zone, is an awesome field. Two bases aprox 150 metres apart with a huge missile in the centre.

Can you take on the challenge of our Sandbags Paintball Game Zone.


Two teams starting at opposite ends of the field, the shout goes up GAME ON. Get out of that base as fast as you can !!.

Dive for a bunker and get behind the sandbags, your enemy is out there somewhere.


Your enemy has the same objective as you, it’s simple just take out all of the other team before they take you out.

Can you master the Sandbags Paintball Game Zone.


Sounds easy doesn’t it you only have ten minutes to complete you mission and as your numbers dwindle the battle only gets harder. Have you got what it takes to master the Sandbags Paintball Zone..

The Village Paintball Game Zone. Can you master our Village Game Zone set in the depths of the jungle your mission is simple, hidden in the middle of the Village is a missile, you and your team have to locate the missile whilst fighting the enemy...


When you have located the missile your team has to fight its way along the trenches capture the missile, arm it and then the race is on..


Fight your way back out of the trenches, the battles only half over and times running out. Can you make it to your enemies base with the missile and destroy their base before the timer runs out..


Not a game for the faint hearted you will need to work as a team to complete this mission, communication is the key. The team that works together wins together.

The Jungle Paintball Zone, some say there is a downed WW II bomber somewhere in the Jungle, however the Jungle is that thick and dense no-one has ever found it or its crew...


Two teams starting opposite ends of the jungle zone your objective is to fight your way through the jungle to your enemies base..


If you are lucky enough to get there you have to steal the flag then fight your way back through the jungle paintball zone and hang the flag in your base...


In the heart of the forest lies a bridge... a BIG one! Your team needs to get to the other side to win. Everything looks quiet; you take that first step home, only another 90ft to go. Wait! Was that something moving in those bushes


The Bridge paintball zone, two teams start opposite ends of the bridge, on the Bridge is the flag all you have to do is get the flag and get it into your enemies base to win the game, sounds easy eh read on.


You as a player can go around the sides of the Bridge and across the bridge you can even go through the swamp under the bridge if you so wish, but that flag has to go across the bridge once you are on the bridge you are committed and you have to take the flag..

Attack and Defend, can you defend the flag whilst all around you are trying to break into the compound.


When you are defending you have to stay in the compound and guard the flag with your life, don’t let the enemy in or they will steal the flag and win the game.


Then it’s time to change ends, when attacking you can use the whole field and use it to your advantage to mount an all out attack on your enemy and steal that flag to win the game.

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