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How to organise a Stag Paintball day in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire

Have you been given the task of arranging a Stag Paintball day?. We have put together a few tips to make sure your day goes smoothly without any hitches.

Obviously you want the Groom to have the day of his life, that is why Paintball has traditionally been very popular with Stag parties. It gives the guys a good chance to let off some steam and give the Groom a great send off on his way to married life (Oh and maybe a few bruises to show his new wife).

Step One..Find the Paintball site.

Have a good look around not all Paintball sites are members of the UKPSF   (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation).These sites have been checked out and are fully insured have fully trained staff and offer the best value for money with NO hidden extras. Ashcroft Park and National Paintball Games are full members of the UKPSF.

Try not to use a booking agent they tend to add commission on to the actual price and can work out more expensive.

 The best way is to give us a call on 01889 502508 to discuss your requirments.We have over 26 years experience in arranging Stag Paintball parties and can work out a bespoke Paintball day for you and your Stag Party, at a price that will be the most competitive.

Step Two..Get your Stag Party together

Get all the guys together find out how many are in your group and take a deposit off each of them ( Usually £10.00), That way you wont get stung on the day when some of them don’t turn up as deposits are non refundable.

We have some great incentives for our Paintball organisers.

Ring us up to pay your deposit and confirm the number of players in your Stag Party at this point we will confirm the date with you of your Stag Paintball Day.

Step Three..The Big Day Has Arrived.

Make sure that you arrive at the Paintball site on time as you have to attend a safety brief and be issued all the kit you are going to need. If you arrive late we cannot guarantee that your Paintball day will go ahead.

You may dress your Stag up in any fancy clothing that you see fit however he will still have to wear our goggles.

Have the day of your life shooting your buddies, but most important we have a special game for the Stag a little something for him to remember us by.

End of day debrief and a bottle of Bubbly for the Stag..

Booking or Enquiry

Got any questions give us a call on 01889 502508

Paintball Incentives

Paintball Incentives