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Paintballing Tips

Thinking of going on a days Paintball with your buddies. Then you need to read our essential Paintballing Tips for playing Paintball at a woodland Paintball site.

Tip One

 Never forget Paintball is a team game its alright storming through the woods to capture the flag, but your going to need your team mates as well. COMMUNICATION is the key to winning.

Tip Two

 Try and get as much ground as you can as fast as you can keep going until you either see them or they start shooting at you. That way you already have possession of most the field and you don’t have to fight for it.

Tip Three

 Don’t forget to look after your kit. The goggle system that you will be issued with is the most important piece of kit that you will receive on the day. After each game clean your goggles and treat them with anti mist spray if needed (anti mist spray should be supplied by the Paintball site that you are playing at.)

Tip Four

 Don’t forget to reload your hopper and your paintball pots before you go out for your game. There is nothing worse than starting the game only to find that you don’t have enough paintballs to complete your objective.

Tip Five

 If you are having problems with your paintball marker in the middle of a game don’t be afraid to ask the Marshals for help at most sites Marshals will carry spare markers with them and Usually they will swap your marker for you there and then so you can carry destroying the enemy.

Tip Six

When you get shot always check that the paintball has actually burst on you, sometimes they will just bounce off. (Pay attention to the rules some sites have different rules eg head shots wont count, gun shots wont count). If in doubt ask the Marshal after all its what they are there for.

Tip Seven

 Always play Paintball within your own ability. If you where not able to run 100 metres in ten seconds flat then dive through a window and do a commando roll, don’t think you can do it just because you have a Paintball marker in your hands.

Tip Eight

 If you follow these simple Paintballing tips you and your buddies are guaranteed to have the day of your lives and have many happy stories to tell for years to come ENJOY!.

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